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Is Flowerhorn fish good for home?


If you believe in lucky charms, good luck charms, Fengshui and art of living, then you must have heard about the Flowerhorn fish too. Lots of opinions from various experts and many debates are good enough to confuse your mind. In search of the right way you may use the fish in your home, and if they at all bring luck and money or anything at all, gets answered here.

You are asking if it is good to keep Flowerhorn fish at home? Well, the answer to this is, ‘Yes’. Flowerhorn fish, according to modern Feng Shui, is a lucky charm, which is believed to bring luck and prosperity to homes. The fish is also known by the name of Hua Luo Han. It is a hybrid fish.

But this is not enough to know about the hybrid fish that brings luck. Here are some facts that will be useful for you in understanding the Flowerhorn fish uses and applying its charm the right way to prosper in life.

How the Flowerhorn Cichlid is good for the home

The Flowerhorn Cichlid is good for the home as per Feng Shui because, it has the power to attract positive energy, and also the power to diminish the effects of negative energy. The bright colored fishes make the owner lucky and happy in many ways. The presence of the Flowerhorn has been associated with bringing happiness, good luck, money, and prosperity to the family. The owner can feel negativities going away or fading off in potency with the use of this fish in the home. And also more and more positive factors will be seen to happen with the homeowner or one who cares for the fish and maintains it at home.

Flowerhorn Red Dragon in tank

You just need to give the fish a good environment at home in the form of a good, well-maintained aquarium and good food. This way if the fish stays healthy and bright, it will continue to shower the household with its powerful positivity and positive energy attracting features.
The black scales on the body of the fish are marks of wealth and prosperity. And you must place the fish in the southeast corner of the room to get the most out of its positivity. The east direction is the most suitable position for setting an aquarium for the fish, and this direction, as per Feng Shui, brings wealth, happiness, and prosperity to the family members in a home.

Also looking at the colorful and beautiful fish sets the mood of the watcher in a positive way. The vibrant pinkish red color of the fish is a great color that creates a happy mood.
The right way to keep a Flowerhorn fish and feed it must be applied for better health and longevity of the fish. Remember that if the mood of the fish itself is not happy and healthy is not okay, then how it can bring good luck to you!

The fish is territorial. This means it loves setting its own territory and roams in that. And it also does not want other fishes to invade it’s territory or else it gets aggressive. Hence it’s good to keep one fish or a pair in an aquarium. In case you plan to keep more fishes, then considering the length of a mature fish to be 30 cm, you must have a bigger aquarium to accommodate more fishes with their territories. A bigger space will help the fishes set their own territories in the same aquarium, thereby reducing the chances of conflicts.

Mature Flowerhorn

The right temperature for Flowerhorn Cichlids is 25 to 28 degrees Centigrade. And the right pH for the water should be between 7 and 8. Under these conditions only, the fish maintains its bright, healthy, and vibrant body color. And it’s this color effect of the fish, which adds to the good luck charm. That is why you must maintain these optimal levels in the aquarium. Also to give the fish the best environment the water should be changed often, and the waste of the fish should be eliminated and washed off often. The aquarium is best maintained when you fill the bed with colored rocks or pebbles. Also, you should try to keep plants in it. Artificial plants also are good, but real plants work much better for these fishes.

More Info about the Flowerhorn fish

The Flowerhorn fish has a very interesting history of existence on earth. It’s not just a hybrid, but a crossbred from two other hybrid fishes. Thus the fish is totally a creation out of man’s wit bestowed by God. These fascinating facts about the fish would tell you why it is a great choice:

As per the science of Feng Shui, the fish has been declared a Feng Shui fish from the year 2004 to 2024. This means the good luck charm of the fish is believed to work within this time.
The fish has to be kept at a particular place in the home for the charm to work and bring prosperity to the home.
People started believing in Flower Horn for its capability to attract positive energy. Through the last two years, studies show that the fish is a magnet for positive energies.

The existence of Flowerhorn Cichlid fish on earth is not for more than 20 years as of now.
The fish is a crossbreed. Its parents are the red devil cichlids, and Trimac cichlids. In fact, many experiments have been done about the real origin of Flowerhorns. Many cichlids were crossbred and such experiments gave rise to the fish.
The fish was bred the first time in 1993 in Malaysia. And in the 1990s the fish also got bred in Taiwan and Thailand.
The Flowerhorn fishes are also called Warships in the Far East for their bumpy humpy head.

Red Devil Cichlids and Trimac Cichlids

The name Flowerhorn is derived from the two things. The red vibrant color of their body brings the name flower, and the horn or hump on their head brings the word horn, thereby making it Flowerhorn.
These fishes are aggressive and territorial. They are best left alone in an aquarium. And the aquarium must be big enough because a typical Flowerhorn attains a size of up to 30 cms.

If the Flowerhorns are kept in pairs, then also you must see to it that the male does not get too aggressive and tries to harm the female. The males can sometimes attack the female in a pair. In that case, they must be kept separated by a plastic sheet as a barrier.
You should preferably not keep two males together in an aquarium. That is because the two males may compete and get very aggressive towards each other. However, you may separate the aquarium into rooms using separating sheets and keep pairs of the fish.

Flowerhorn male vs female separated

The fish is characterized by a long tail, well-spread fins, an oval body with thickness, and a very bright body color. Usually, the body color is bright reddish pink with black patches on the body and sometimes may have greenish or bluish shining scales on the body.
You can estimate the quality and health of a fish by looking at its hump. If the hump is bigger than the body or smaller, which means it is not in proportion with the body and head, then the fish’s health or quality can be questioned.
The size of the hump in male Flowerhorns is bigger than in females.

Related Questions

How many Flowerhorn fishes should I keep in an aquarium for good luck?

You can keep two to four fishes in a large aquarium. However, keeping just one fish in the aquarium and placing it at the eastern part of the room at home will also work equally good. If you plan to keep multiple fishes, do populate the aquarium with all at the same time. Else if you bring a new fish after one fish is already there in the aquarium for some time, then aggression between the two will be more.

What to feed the fishes?

The Flowerhorn fish feeds best at other small and healthy fishes. It’s best to provide them with other small fishes which are healthy. This kind of food will help keep the Flowerhorn’s body color bright and health at its best. You may also try dry feed which contains fishes, earthworms etc. You may also use wax worms, earthworms etc.

How long can I keep the fishes?

You may keep the fishes for as long as you wish to. Although the Feng Shui believes the fish to bring good luck until the year 2024, yet you may continue to keep it even after that. After all, it’s a lovely thing to adorn the house and make the mood of anyone happy with its lovely colors and beautifully artistic body shape. The color and hump of the fish are special attraction which also makes fish hobbyists use these fishes for decorating home and offices.


  1. I love hybrid fish alot Im getting a pair of Hybrid demacrat jag cichlids🔵 we need to fight back against these naturalists that mess with us.

  2. It’s Time we push back against those that disrespect hybrid fish period. I’m a Blackman and democrat🔵 we must NEVER let naturalists or white conservative republicans takeover.

  3. It’s Time we push back against those that disrespect hybrid fish period. I’m a Blackman and democrat🔵 we must NEVER let naturalists or white conservative republicans takeover. They are the losers


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