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If you are among one of the fish lovers then you may have already heard something about the Flowerhorn fishes. One should note that Flowerhorn cichlid that is also known as Flower Horn fish is a sole fish with very appealing actions, anger, and totally strange looks. Those who decided to maintain Flowerhorn in a fish-tank have not at all regretted it. Cichlid fishes as regulation are not very dangerous when choosing their pair match.

Consequently, they can make couples not only with their kind but also with entirely unusual cichlid fish kinds. If you want to collect further more information about Flowerhorn fish then you should have to go through the following paragraphs without thinking twice.

One should also know that Flowerhorn fishes are hybrid fishes that developed in Malaysia. Because of stunning colors and the characteristically shaped heads, the Flowerhorn fishes are appreciated by the homeowners. This is why some people want to buy the Flowerhorn fishes. Such a fish gave a breeder who breeds animals or spread plants a prospect to acquire a number of amazing hybrids with special kinds of fishes.

Not all the hybrids are winning, a number of them don’t have high-quality coloring, and some turn out to be disinfected after such reproduction. Flowerhorn cichlids are still living being built-up as a result a great deal of range exists in their tinge. In general, they are ringing green or blue on their back end with diverse shades of pink and red toward the face. They have broad, elliptical bodies with solitary large humps on top of their eyes. Their anal and dorsal fins are sharp and lengthy. Most have spines stick out from the backsides.

Nowadays, most of the people want to keep pets like fish, dogs, cats, and others to add fun and comfort in their life. No matter whether you want to keep Flowerhorn like beautiful and attractive fishes in your home or workplace, it is necessary for you to check out their available price. In different regions, you may find that the price of Flowerhorn fishes is different. This can be due to the number of species available in Flowerhorn fishes. Flowerhorn fishes are aggressive in nature and some people think that they are a symbol of good luck. The price of Flowerhorn fishes could depend on their kinds of species, colors, attributes, looks, and a lot of other things so you may need to buy Flowerhorn fishes cautiously.

The Flowerhorn price varies from 30$ to 300$ depending on the location, age, type and color. The average online price is 100$, you can check online live Flowerhorns on sale on Ebay.

Beautiful Flowerhorn

Flowerhorn Cichlid for sale in America

Kamalau, Red and Super Red Dragon, and Kamfa like Flowerhorn fishes are available in America for buying. Kamalau is alike to the red dragon Flowerhorn fishes. The breeding method is alike to breeding red dragon as fit. On the other hand, most Kamalau have a tan to carroty flush.

Kamalau- Kamalau Flowerhorn fishes are similar to a red dragon. The breeding technique is similar to breeding red dragon technique. However, most Kamalau has a tan to orange color.

Kamfa- There are several types of Kamfa Flowerhorn fishes available. Though, in universal, Kamfa were crossbred between both a male and female pearl Flowerhorn and a Vieja Synspilum cichlid. The objective is to obtain the bulge and gem from the male or female Flowerhorn and white eyes and violent look face as of the Vieja Synspilum.

Red and Super Red Dragon- The name red or super red dragon depend on the strength of the red dye the fish contain. These fish were crossbred stuck between red dragon themselves that from singular parents.

Price list:

Kamalau Flowerhorn fish
Red and Super Red Dragon$100-$200

Flowerhorn Cichlid for sale in Canada

The average price of Flowerhorn Fishes for in Canada is not similar in all across the cities. One should have to use some regional online platforms to collect the needed information about the Flowerhorn fishes.

Male Flowerhorn $20
Green Dragon Flowerhorn$50
Thai Silk Flowerhorn$30
Red Dragon monster KoK Flowerhorn$300
Super Red Pearl King Kamfa FlowerhornFemale Flowerhorn$15$50

Flowerhorn Cichlid for sale in Australia

If you want to check the base price of Flowerhorn fishes in Australia then you may find a difference of price among the cities. But some of the price list of Flowerhorn fishes in Australia given below in the price table:

Flowerhorn male 30cm$150
Flowerhorn $500
Thai Silk Flowerhorn$110
Gold pearl Flowerhorn$100

Flowerhorn Cichlid for sale in India

Srd Flowerhorn fish 2.5inchesFemale FlowerhornFlowerhorns for sell ranging SRD Flowerhorn 4+ inchINR 250INR 2000from Rs.550-1000INR 650
Flowerhorn SRD head poppedFlowerhorn 8-inch body Adult 3 years old only fedMale Flowerhorn red Dragon Flowerhorn fishINR 300INR 5000
INR 2500
active Flowerhorn fishINR 250
Thai silk Flowerhorn baby 3 inchINR 500
Imported fish Flowerhorn Kamfamalu AAA gradeFlowerhorn Fish Golden Breed FemaleINR 4600
INR 1500

Flowerhorn fishes as a lucky charm

Some people still think that keeping the Flowerhorn fishes at their homes can become a possible reason to change their luck and destiny. You may have already heard that the Flowerhorn fishes bring peace and prosperity in your living areas as well as workplaces.

Beautiful Flowerhorn In Tank

Flowerhorn fishes get the attention of aquarium enthusiasts

Due to their special colors and head shapes, the Flowerhorn fishes are usually getting more and more attention of aquarium enthusiasts. Whether you talk about keeping them in your home or at your workplace, they can seriously show some great appeals. You can be the next lucky guy to have the Flowerhorn fishes at a good buying rate. In this same case, you can either use some online platforms or you can use some other offline market fish shops to buy them.

What Flowerhorn fishes eat?

Flowerhorn cichlids are non-vegetarian fish with vigorous hunger. They require giving food to two or three times every day in order to stay vigorous. You can use cichlid pellets, live krill or feeder fish, bloodworms like food items to feed them up. It is best to feed Flowerhorn fishes with a mixture to make sure that all their dietary needs are gathered.

Flowerhorn Food

– How many times you should be fed Flowerhorn fishes?

In order to keep your loving Flowerhorn fishes out of health risks, you will need to feed them up two or three times a day. It is not necessary to feed them up at the mentioned time as you can feed them according to the situations. But most of the time you need to feed Flowerhorn fishes two or three times a day.

– What you can give food to Flowerhorn?

Most people who have kept the Flowerhorn fishes are giving preference to the food item cichlid pellets. The cichlid pellets could be good food for the Flowerhorn fishes. For some people, the feeder fish is also a good option. Some food items like bloodworms and earthworms can also be used by you to provide the needed food to your Flowerhorn fishes.

– Did the vividness of Flowerhorn coloration is affected by the food?

Yes, you will have to understand that the vividness of Flowerhorn coloration can be caused by the unhealthy food items that you are serving up to them. In order to keep this concept simple and natural, you will have to feed up the Flowerhorn fishes in good quality at mentioned times.

Flowerhorn Food

– Do carotene supplement is useful for them?

If it is necessary for you to keep Flowerhorn fishes looking their best or better, then without asking anyone else you should make full use of the carotene supplement. You can take some online suggestions from the experts to make yourself more assured about this same concept.

Food items of Grocery Store

You can also give food to your Flowerhorn a great deal grocery layup seafood. This will include salmon and herring soft tissue, as well as crustacean animal protein. These foods are affluent in many vitamins and minerals, counting carotenoids. These foods can increase a flower horn’s colors considerably, chiefly reds, oranges and yellows. To give food to this Flowerhorn, stock up them ice-covered and shave off suitable pieces for your Flowerhorn. Melt the foods sooner than feeding to stay away from injuring your Flowerhorn fish’s digestive area.

Some prepared food items for your loved Flowerhorn fishes

The main food you provide for a Flowerhorn fish is known as a staple. For most aquarium fish, fleck foods fill this job. Though, for a medium or large sized fish like Flowerhorns, flakes are not as considerable. As an alternative, you can try feeding them up some cichlid pellets. To keep away from digestive harms, steep the pellets in fish aquarium water before some time of feeding. While Flowerhorns will willingly believe almost any food, you must supplement their pellets with other foods to make certain their lively colors don’t lighten.

These questions and offered answers can turn out to be handy and awesome for the people who are confused with the feeding of Flowerhorn fishes. One should never forget these points and details especially when the talk is all about keeping your loved Flowerhorn fishes fit and fine. If the dieting system of Flowerhorn fishes will be accurate then maybe they will live for a long period of time.

How to feed up the Flowerhorn fishes carefully?

Flowerhorns are voracious feeders that will excitedly eat anything you throw in the fish aquarium. In order to hold up their fast enlargement and lively colors, you must give food to your Flowerhorns two to three times per daytime. On the other hand, you must miss one day a week. Despite the specific food you give food to, merely provide for what your Flowerhorns can eat in 30 seconds or fewer. Flowerhorns will almost certainly miss some of the foodstuffs if you nosh more than this, and the additional food will decompose and unclean the water.

Flowerhorn eating a fish

Home of Flowerhorn fishes

Now, after becoming familiar with the feeding of Flowerhorn fishes like a vital concept, you can next check or collect some information about the habitats of Flowerhorns. It is necessary for you to have this information when you don’t want to take some risks with the living of your lovely Flowerhorn fishes. Here are some concepts about the “Habitats of Flowerhorn fishes” that you should read for use:

– Fish tanks as a good habitat option for Flowerhorn fishes

Instead of thinking about other options, you will have to use some fish tanks to keep the Flowerhorn fishes. They are normally big in size and that’s why a fish tank could give ample comfort and ease of living to them. Most of the Flowerhorn fishes don’t exist in wild and they needed to keep inside some high-quality fish tanks.

– Gallon tank size for Flowerhorn fishes

This is yet another key concept for you as you want to make sure about the fish tank like a vital concept. An adult Flowerhorn will live happily in a 55-gallon tank and a breeding couple needs at slightest 125 gallons. An assorted community container is not suggested, but the individual should be no minor than 200 gallons.

– The filtration system should be strong

As you may already know that most of the Flowerhorn fishes eat regularly with no limits, it is your duty to make sure that the Flowerhorn filtration system are strong enough. Along with this, you will have to keep your eyes on the cleaning of fish tanks to help your loved Flowerhorn fishes.

Tank Filtration For Flowhorn Fish

– Regular vacuuming

The regular vacuuming of the fish tanks in which you will keep the Flowerhorn fishes is truly a keen concept. As mentioned earlier, you can use a variety of products to clean such fish tanks.

These are some important things and talks that one should have to keep in mind about the habitats of Flowerhorn fishes. Now, you can clearly say that you have ample info to keep the Flowerhorn fishes.

The behavior of Flowerhorn fishes

This is also important for you to be familiar with the nature of Flowerhorn fishes early on especially when you are going to keep the Flowerhorn fishes inside your home for the very first time. The behavior of Flowerhorn fishes is not like some other species of fishes. This is why you should check and collect ample information about the behavior of Flowerhorn fishes.


Yes, one should have to note that the Flowerhorn fishes are aggressive in nature or behavior. Unlike some other fishes, they or Flowerhorn fishes love to attack smaller things than their size. If you will look to harm them with your hands then they can show you their aggression within some really quick time without any doubts.


This is yet another behavior that you can note about the Flowerhorn fishes. Most of the Flowerhorn fishes are greedy or predatory in terms of fighting and feeding. They will love to eat more and more along with taking the desired comfort inside the high-quality fish tanks.

They will eat smaller things

You can also not forget to know that the Flowerhorn fishes will eat everything that is smaller than their size. This is really an important behavioral activity of Flowerhorn fishes that one should always note.

Flowerhorn eating crawfish

With these three important behavioral activities, you can easily make sure that you are familiar with the natural habits of Flowerhorn fishes. So, you can assist or keep them on the basis of such points and information.  

The breeding concept of Flowerhorn fishes

After becoming familiar with a lot of important concepts of Flowerhorn fishes now, this is the best time for you to have some useful information about the breeding concept of Flowerhorn fishes. How they or Flowerhorn fishes breed? How breeding procedure is completed by the Flowerhorn fishes? Such types of questions will surely knock the doors of your brain and that’s why you will need to collect some reliable info about the breeding of Flowerhorn fishes.

Role of female Flowerhorn

The vital role of female Flowerhorn is just to lay her eggs on some rocks of fish tanks. It simply means that the female Flowerhorn will only lay their eggs on the rocks of fish tanks. This is the first breeding concept.

Role of male Flowerhorn

Next, when the female Flowerhorn will lay their eggs on rocks, the role of male Flowerhorn will come into the play. The male Flowerhorn will surely swim over the eggs and will leave some of their sperms.

Female and male flowerhorn

Fertilization of eggs

These two upper listed things will make the Flowerhorn eggs to be fertilized. When the upper mentioned steps or procedures will be completed perfectly then eggs will be fertilized automatically.

Who will guard the eggs?

One should also note that the male Flowerhorn will guard and protect the eggs to be get damaged by anyone. Once the eggs are not hatched, the male Flowerhorn will protect the newborn Flowerhorn until they become capable enough to protect themselves.

These are some of the key concepts of breeding of Flowerhorn fishes. If you are looking to collect information about the breeding of Flowerhorn fishes then these points and details would be enough for you.

List of difficulties that you can face while keeping Flowerhorn fishes

Flowerhorn fishes can make your home or workplace look much more attractive and appealing but you should have to be familiar with some of the common difficulties that you will have to face while you want to keep Flowerhorn fishes.

The requirement of a large fish tank

This can become a major difficulty that one can face while keeping the Flowerhorn fishes inside their home or workplace. You will have to buy and use a large fish tank so that the Flowerhorn fishes can get the desired rest and comfort. Whether you talk about the space needed for feeding the Flowerhorn fishes or the space needed for breeding of the Flowerhorn fishes, they or Flowerhorn fishes will need a large fish tank. They cannot survive freely in smaller sizes or smaller fish tanks.

You could not leave keep Flowerhorn fishes alone in tanks

As you have collected information about the natural habits and behavior of the Flowerhorn fishes now, you have an idea about their aggressive nature. Most of the Flowerhorn fishes are aggressive and that’s why you will face some risks to leave them all alone inside the fish tanks.

Flowerhorn with other fishes in large aquarium

They can bite the hands of owners

Sometimes, when the keep Flowerhorn fishes are very hungry then without any doubt they can bite the hands of their owners. This can become a huge difficulty for the owners who want to keep the Flowerhorn fishes. You never know when the Flowerhorn fishes will become aggressive and in hunger, they will bite up your hands.

On the basis of these upper listed paragraphs, one can easily collect ample information about the list of difficulties that they will have to face while keeping the Flowerhorn fishes inside their home or workplace. If you really don’t want to face all these mentioned problems, then you should collect enough information about them without asking anyone else.

Sex differences between male and female Flowerhorn

To be truly honest with you, it is nearly impossible for you to check or watch the sex differences between male and female Flowerhorn. You may think about to watch the reproduction process but most of the times, you will get failures to see who has lay eggs and who has left their sperms on the lay eggs. This is why it is almost difficult for anyone to tell you exactly which one is male Flowerhorn and which one is female.

Watch online videos to feed up the Flowerhorn fishes carefully

If you don’t want to face some issues while feeding up the Flowerhorn fishes then now, you got the option of watching some videos in which experts are using some trusted ways to feed up the Flowerhorn fishes. This can help you to get rid of the list of doubts and issues that you have in your mind about the Flowerhorn fishes and their feeding.

Buy Flowerhorn fishes from a professional platform

After having all the much more important information about the Flowerhorn fishes now, you should look to buy the Flowerhorn fishes from a trusted or professional platform legally. If you will not think about the authorization of sellers of Flowerhorn fishes then you may get poor Flowerhorn fishes.  There are thousands of shops online and offline available from which you can buy the Flowerhorn fishes.

In fact, you just need to make some online research about such platforms to have the desired outcomes within some really quick time. You can read some online reviews about the Flowerhorn fish’s selling companies and shops online. This can help you to collect some additional information about sellers of Flowerhorn fishes.

What we suggest you is to do so on Ebay, where you will have the ability to pick a trusted seller, or even a seller in your neighborhood for local pickup.


Q. What is the price of Kamalau Flowerhorn fish in America?

In America, you can find thousands of shops for buying the Kamalau Flowerhorn Fish but the basic price may be $100-$150.

Q. Could female Flowerhorn fishes expensive than male Flowerhorns?

Yes, in some regions, you may find that the price of female Flowerhorn fishes is more than the male Flowerhorns as female Flowerhorn could easily be used for breeding.

Q. What can be the possible base buying price of Flowerhorn fishes in India?

The basic price of buying the Flowerhorn fishes in India could be INR 250 and it can go up to thousands.

Q. Do the imported Flowerhorn fishes cost you much?

Without any doubt, in comparison of regional Flowerhorn fishes, some imported Flowerhorn fishes can cost you much.  

Q. How to buy the best Flowerhorn fishes at a lower price?

By optimizing and surfing a lot of professional online fish selling websites, you may find the best Flowerhorn fishes at a lower price.

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