Where to Buy Flowerhorn Online (Updated 2023)

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Flowerhorns with its unique color and appearance are the most interesting fish around. With their vibrant colors and captivating looks, they are considered as ‘super star’ in the world of fish. Whether it’s their born land, Asia or Europe or even America, Flowerhorns are in demand almost everywhere. Any fish hobbyist love to have an aquarium where they can have a Flowerhorn that is beautiful with its Kok. In Asia, it is believed to bring in good luck for the person owning it. The luck is said to be depended upon the size of the nuchal hump. The bigger is its size more luck it brings to you.

Apart from the theory of ‘good luck’ charm, there are many other reasons that make fish lovers attracted towards this fish and they wish that they had a Flowerhorn at their home too! If you too are interested in buying Flowerhorn then this article will be helping you. Before you learn about where to buy this fish online let’s find out a few basic facts that will help you in keeping the fish at the best condition at your home.

You can buy your Flowerhorn fish online from a wide range of online plateformes and store owners, but we highly recommend you to do that on Ebay. We will explain you further why you should buy it on Ebay and not somewhere else.

Basic facts about Flowerhorn

Flowerhorns are not natural fish but they are hybrid fish that were created by man. This fish has the name Flowerhorn because they have distinct marks on both sides of their body that resemble a flower. And the ‘Horn’ is due to the nuchal hump or the Kok that this fish has. With their unique features and brilliant beautiful colors they will attract any fish lover and when you have them in your aquarium you can be sure that they will enlighten the area. As they are not found in wild you can easily domesticate them at your home aquarium, but for that, it is necessary that you have the required settings that will make these fish comfortable at your place.

Beautiful Flowerhorn

Breeding of the first Flowerhorn was carried on during 1993 in Malaysia. In western Malaysia, there was already a fish known as “Kaloi” or warships who has a protruding head. They were very beautiful and the Taiwanese considered them as a lucky charm. Later during 1994 some other breeds of fish namely the red devil cichlids and the Trimac cichlids were imported from Central America. From Taiwan, the blood parrot cichlid was brought and after breeding these two fish together the first Flowerhorn cichlid was created. Gradually there were different types of breeding carried on and the results are varieties of Flowerhorns.

The quest for a new type of Flowerhorn didn’t stop and thus breeders started crossbreeding different cichlids with each other. The Human Face Red God of Fortune was crossbred with the Blood Parrot. The new breed that was a result of this breeding was named as ‘Five colors God of Fortune.’ With its attractive colors, this breed of Flowerhorn become popular very fast. With this success, further, attempts were made so that more such results can be achieved. In the breeding that continued some become noteworthy while there were others that didn’t leave much impression. All the efforts made various kind of louhans or the first generation Flowerhorn. Now there are various Flowerhorn available and with their vibrant color and attractive nuchal hump takes attention of everybody nearby.

Before you start looking for Flowerhorns online it is best that you have some knowledge about the different kinds of Flowerhorns that are valuable now. It will give you the best insight when you are to choose a Flowerhorn for your home.

One of Best Flowerhorn

Different types of Flowerhorns available

Over the years there are varieties of Flowerhorn available and before you start looking for a good online store it is necessary that you learn about the types.

  • Kamfa is one brand originated from louhans and with their fan tail and yellow or white eyes they are quite attractive and the most costly type of Flowerhorn available. They have a head bump that is watercolored. Their shape and body color are different from other Flowerhorns and they are the one of the best ornamental fish available with high price bracket.
  • Another type of Flowerhorn is the Cencu that is high demand among the hobbyist. These fish are most sought after because of the pearls in the body. They are also known as lohan pearl fish, thanks to the presence of the pearl. There are two types of Cencu, one is classic and the other modern. The classic does not have many pearls on their cheeks and body like the modern ones.
  • There are Golden Base Flowerhorn who have a reddish yellow color at different parts of their body. They are different from other types of fishes as they do not have black spots that are very common among the other louhan species.
  • Super red dragon is the fish with bright red color and thus they have the name. They are native to Thailand and are found in different countries including Indonesia. The price of these fishes is moderate.
  • There are the Rainbow kingfish and they have got this name because they have won many Flowerhorn competitions. It has its origin in Singapore but now you can get them at other places too. They have even beaten Kamfa is popularity. They have got their name because of the vibrant colors they have.
  • The Zhen Zhu are other types who also have pearling. They have a protruding head bump and all these features make them quite popular. They have weak tails so you can recognize them easily.
  • The Thai silk is a comparatively new breed of Flowerhorn and has colors that are either metallic blue, white or gold. They are a cross breed between different Flowerhorn and too many of them may not be available easily.
  • You can identify the King Kamfa from their black color double flower row. They have sunken eyes that are normally yellow or white in color. Most of King Kamfa do not have red eyes. It is one of the most demanded varieties of Flowerhorn and they are quite costly too.
Different types of Flowerhorns available Online

Apart from these popular Flowerhorn types, there are many other breeds that may interest you. Before you buy any online you can have a look at all type available at the store. While you buy online you have to look out for the features and a few others things. Let’s have a look at that now.

Considerations while buying a Flowerhorn online

Before you buy a Flowerhorn online you should be very practical about the things that must be considered. You will not be able to check the Flowerhorn physically and have to rely on the description provided online. Thus, before you make your move it is necessary that you consider a few things.

Learn about the online store first

The first and foremost thing that is most important while buying a Flowerhorn online is the online store itself. You have to rely on the online store for whatever they describe you have to believe that only. You can specify certain things but you cannot be sure that the Flowerhorn given to you is as per the specifications you have asked for. Thus, you should rely on an online store that has enough goodwill.

To be certain about the Flowerhorn delivered by them you must read reviews about different online stores. You will be able to find that there are a few online stores that deal in Flowerhorn. Check out how satisfied their customers are and that will grow your confidence.

Baby Flowerhorn

You also need to know how the online store does operate. That is a Flowerhorn is not a product that can be sent from Thailand to America. It is better if they have a hub in America only. Obviously, you can learn about all this and more while you order the Flowerhorn.

Information provided by the online store

Most of the time you will be buying the Flowerhorn cichlid and thus you never know how it will grow into. When you buy it from your local pet store you can ask them different questions to be sure that they are selling you the right Flowerhorn with the right lineage. While you buy the fish cichlids online you never know what will happen to the fish when it grows. Thus make sure that the online store is providing you with enough information about the fish that they are selling.

Different information that you must look for while buying the fish is about their parents. Whether the male parent had a nice Kok or not. Is its hybrid between two different types of Flowerhorn or not. Once you are able to gather this information you can rely on the online store and place your order.  

Choosing between male and female

If you love a Flowerhorn because of their nuchal hump then you must seek for a male fish as most of the time females do not have a nuchal hump. Moreover, males are more attractive. Now, when you are buying it online among other fries you may get confused that which one I male or female. The online store will specify you about which fry is male and female. They must guide you in the best possible way so that you can order the best Flowerhorn available in their store within your budget.

Male and Female Flowerhorn

Branded or non-branded

Finally, when it’s coming to choose between the online stores what should you go for? A branded online store like eBay and Amazon or something else that deals in fishes and pets only? The choice will be totally yours as if you cannot rely on any non-branded online stores then you can buy from eBay or others, but remember that in the online stores that deals with different pets have more knowledge about Flowerhorns than the people at the branded online stores. So, what do you want now? The decision is yours, take wisely before you buy it.

After you know how to buy online the question arises from where can you buy Flowerhorns online?

Buying Flowerhorn online

If you are really interested in buying Flowerhorn online then you can start with a search in Google. Once you give the keyword ‘Flowerhorn online’ you will find that the SER will show you a number of options. Every online store will be dealing with Flowerhorns and you have to choose one that will give you the best deal.

Buy Flowerhorn Online

By the term ‘best deal’ you mean a Flowerhorn that will be great when it grows up. Actually, it is not even possible for the breeders to commit that the Flowerhorn that they are providing is the best one and will have a great Kok when it grows. In order to ensure that they depend upon the lineage from which the Flowerhorn is created. Still, in order to be lucky, you can ask them about the fish fry. Most sites will have a description of the fish and its parental description also so that the buyers are able to get enough information.

If you choose to buy from a branded online store then you must also ask about the suppliers. There must be different suppliers associated with selling the Flowerhorn online and not that all of them are great ones. So, make sure that you check out the ratings of the supplier from whom your Flowerhorn will be delivered. The Flowerhorn is a fish that needs perfect conditions around it while it grows. Thus, when the fish is transported to your home from the online store it is necessary that the packaging is good enough. Ask them how much time it will take to deliver the order. Also, know about the water conditions. You must also know how to deal with the fish after it reaches your place.

You have to keep it in an aquarium and although it will be small when it comes to you within few weeks it will grow and thus it is better to have an aquarium that is of at least 55 gallons. The size of the Flowerhorn will be around 12 to 16 inches and thus the aquarium should be able to give it enough space to play and stay comfortably. You must also remember that the Flowerhorns are very aggressive fish and it is best that you do not keep two Flowerhorns together. If you keep them together then there are high chances that one will not exist.

Learn about the return policy too

While you buy the Flowerhorn you should ask them about their return policy. There can be different issues with the Flowerhorn after it is being delivered to you. If you do not like it then you must have the scope to return it. Thus, learn about their return policy. In case if you detect any disease in the Flowerhorn just after it is delivered then you should be ready to deliver the fish back to the online store. However, if there is disease after a few days then the online pet store may not make it return. Thus, it is very much important to learn about the return policy which will let you take any action in case the Flowerhorn is not something you had expected.

Amazing Flowerhorn Fish

Why you should buy it on Ebay?

There are plenty of plateformes and online stores selling flowerhorn fishes, most of them are based in India, dir.indiamart.com is the most authoritative one. There are also some pet websites selling Flowerhorn like : petco.com.

What makes Ebay different?

  • There are a ton of vendors selling Flowerhorn, which brings concurrence that has a huge effect on the price.
  • The plateforme allows you to check the seller’s history, review, location… So, you can pick a well trusted seller.
  • The plateforme allows “local pickup”, which means that if you find a seller in your city or a neighboring one, you will be able to pick your flowerhorn before paying and checking it live.
  • Some sellers are proposing returns if not satisfied, which means that you will be able to get the fish back if it doesn’t match the description, images or if the Flowerhorn is sick or so.

You can find the list of all the Flowerhorn fishes on sale on the plateforme here.


After discussing everything it must have been clear to you that it is tough to name any particular online store that sells Flowerhorns online. There are a number of online stores who sell quality Flowerhorns and you can buy one that is within your budget and a type that you are looking for. Sometimes you may have choices that you want a Kamfa at your home. Then you must specify that too while you look for the Flowerhorns online.

Remember that while you buy online you should take precautions just the way you do while buying anything else online. If your friends have bought a Flowerhorn cichlid earlier from any online store and are happy with the experience then you can always ask them about it. Before you bring the Flowerhorn at your home take your time to learn about the water tank arrangements to be made and what food must be given to the fish so that they grow at their best. Happy fishing!

Frequently asked questions

1- Are Flowerhorn freshwater fish?

Before you buy a Flowerhorn online you have to make arrangements in your home so that once the fish arrives at your place it gets it is home ready. Thus, having this question in mind is very natural. Yes, they are freshwater fish and you do not have to add any salt in the water to make them feel natural. The water tank should be big enough about 55 gallons if not more, but apart from that, there are not many specifications about the water. The pH level of the water should be ranging between 6.1 to 7.

While naturally, you do not have to add any salt to the water, but there can be situations, like the Flowerhorn may suffer from some disease that can be cured by adding salt in the water. Remember that the water must be changed frequently as the Flowerhorns eats too much and excrete too much too. If the water is not changed regularly then there are high chances that the fish will become sick.

2- How to identify a Flowerhorn with good features

As already mentioned in the main text that there are different kinds of Flowerhorns available. When you finally look for a Flowerhorn online you have to keep in mind a few things. The first is, of course, your budget. Flowerhorns are not a cheaper option when you go to buy them, they are quite expensive and if you do not take right care while buying you may land up in buying Flowerhorns that are not as good as you expected. Know your budget and you will be able to choose among a few Flowerhorns.

While learning about the features it is not possible to know much online. You have to read the description that is provided by the seller. Thus, it is advised that you buy only from those online stores who provide you with right and enough information about the Flowerhorn. You can also want to clarify if the fish fry is crossbreed. In case of that make sure that they are not from the same parents as the result will not be good.

3- What is the best place to place an order

While you place an order with an online store for Flowerhorn you have to be very specific. First things are that it is not a product but a living thing. Thus, it must be delivered with the utmost care. The online store will be doing enough so that they can deliver you the fish at its best, still, you must ask them questions about it.

While you choose an online store always try to choose one who has a delivery hub near your hometown. It’s true that if you are in Dallas there may not be one hub in Dallas itself, but somewhere near it will be good enough. A fish delivered from Thailand will not be at its best health. Thus, while you place the order make sure that you check out from where the order will originate. It may not have been an issue in the case of products but in the case of a living thing, it is a great concern.

4- Can I put more than one Flowerhorn at a water tank?

Before giving the answer straightway you must know about the nature of the fish. They are very territorial fish that are quite aggressive. If there is much fish in their tank they become very angry and starts fighting with the other fishes sometimes they are so aggressive that they will even bite your hands while you feed them. Thus, it is best that you do not keep any other fish in the same tank where you are keeping your Flowerhorn. Do not decorate the aquarium too much as they will bite the plants too. They need an aquarium that is clean and clear. Yes, there can be few pebbles at the base.

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